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Two couples have tied the knot on Saturday at the first two same-sex weddings held since marriage equality became law.


The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has backed a rule change that would allow an HIV positive man to become a commercial airline pilot.


Brisbane couple James and Nick can’t wait to welcome the first same-sex couples to their wedding chapel.


Gay couples across Queensland have begun planning their weddings, the first of which are set to begin in early January.


A Melbourne couple are racing against time to get married while one partner is battling cancer.


Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has narrowly rejected a push by an Islamic activist group to ban gay and extramarital sex in the country.


Adelaide’s rainbow-coloured “Pride Walk” has been updated to include another major milestone for the LGBTI community: marriage equality. The painted pathway in Light Square in the CBD was installed in 2016 and includes a timeline of significant LGBTI events in the state, including the first pride march and the decriminalisation of homosexuality. On Thursday, an …


Lawmakers on the island of Bermuda have voted to abolish the country’s recognition of same-sex marriages and replace the unions with “domestic partnerships”. The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 was introduced this week and passed both the country’s House of Assembly and Senate. It must be signed by the governor before it becomes law. Same-sex marriage …


A New South Wales couple will reportedly become the first same-sex couple to legally wed in Australia after the passage of marriage equality. Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, will tie the knot on Saturday afternoon, weeks before other couples can. Marriage equality came into effect last Saturday, and weddings were expected to begin …


There’s no point crying over spilt milk. But that’s not the reason why dairy farmer Jason Smith was shedding some tears while milking the cows last week. He was overcome with emotion as he listened live to the marriage equality bill passing in Parliament on his headphones. “I just got this feeling of being equal …