Qnews is Queensland’s ONLY gay fortnightly lifestyle magazine that caters exclusively to the important niche gay, lesbian and trans community (LGBTI). It was launched in December 2000 and was originally printed as a tabloid newspaper, after the demise of Brother Sister in November 2000.

There are over 120,000 regular readers of Qnews including the printed version plus online website version.  Our total reach is to around 200,000 people on a regular basis when you add in the social media connects via various websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc plus e-blast newsletters.  In Queensland and our population is mostly outside of Brisbane, so not everyone reads every copy, but we are excellent at spreading word of mouth. We have assisted groups in remote regions like Roma (5+ hours drive west of Brisbane), by working with them to help change a group of 4 people, grow into events that attract 165 people.


Qnews has grown our digital connect over recent years, with print runs giving way to online website readers. This has been a worldwide trend for all magazines and newspapers.


Outlets for the printed version cover Queensland and Northern NSW extensively with the highest concentration in Brisbane and South East Qld. We have limited distribution in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Unlike most magazines, Qnews is totally validated, as we publish our entire distribution list available online for advertiser scrutiny. CLICK HERE to see our extensive distribution of the printed magazines.


Qnews is distributed to more than 250 cafes, nightlife venues, hotels, bookstores, arts venues, education centers and libraries etc. 92% of the distribution is off scene (away from gay venues) hence Qnews caters to a wide demographic of readers with a variance of ages and wealth.

Simply put, Qnews is the premium source for current news and features, style and entertainment, theatre, movies, health, the social scene, music and film, and exciting competitions. We offer you the who’s who of business, with up-to-date information on current issues.

We have a proven track record for advertisers and Qnews is the only magazine who has such extensive access to this niche thanks to our rapport with and loyalty from the readers we serve. Almost any product or service imaginable has a place in Qnews. No matter what your message or what you need to advertise, it is guaranteed to reach your desired audience effectively on a fortnightly basis.

We also offer businesses the ability to list their business online via another very popular website for GLBTI people seeking LGBTI welcoming businesses. Our ONLINE business directory is located at www.qdirectory.com.au