QNews Magazine is a Queensland-based media organisation covering the latest in local and national LGBTIQ current affairs, community issues, entertainment and more.

A new print edition of QNews Magazine is released every fortnight, and the latest content is posted to our website daily.

QNews Magazine is proudly Queensland’s largest source of LGBTIQ community news, views, covering arts, entertainment, politics, health, travel, events and much more.

Our mission is to inspire readers by making a positive impact in their lives.

Through telling the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community’s stories, QNews encourages and enables people to improve relationships and engage in dialogue wherever they are: in businesses, schools, with their families, and in their neighborhoods.

QNews was first launched in December 2000 and was originally printed as a tabloid newspaper, after the demise of LGBTIQ publication Brother Sister in November 2000. The first issue of QNews hit the streets on December 15 that year.

Almost two decades later, QNews Magazine is distributed to more than 250 locations including cafes, nightlife venues, hotels, bookstores, arts venues, education centres, libraries and more right across Queensland, as well as Northern NSW and the Northern Territory.

To find out where you can find a printed copy of QNews Magazine, visit out Distribution page here.

We also offer businesses the ability to list their business online via another very popular website for LGBTIQ people seeking LGBTIQ-welcoming businesses. Our online business directory is located here.