LGBTIQ advocacy group just.equal have called for a national bill of rights to protect the LGBTIQ community from discrimination.


Cher has all but confirmed she will be headlining Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ 40th anniversary celebrations in March next year.


The Queensland government has said it will take steps early next year to address the state’s “forced transgender divorce” laws preventing trans Queenslanders from updating their birth certificates while married. Under Queensland law, couples who enter an opposite-sex marriage before one partner transitions are forced to divorce before the transgender partner can update the sex …


Gold Coast couple Lisa and Tani got married in 2011, but only now can they make their marriage official.


A Melbourne woman with terminal cancer has tied the knot with her same-sex partner at an emotional ceremony.


Two couples have tied the knot on Saturday at the first two same-sex weddings held since marriage equality became law.


Brisbane couple James and Nick can’t wait to welcome the first same-sex couples to their wedding chapel.


Gay couples across Queensland have begun planning their weddings, the first of which are set to begin in early January.


A Melbourne couple are racing against time to get married while one partner is battling cancer.


Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has narrowly rejected a push by an Islamic activist group to ban gay and extramarital sex in the country.

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