Monster Chef and the She Male: If you found the Courier-Mail’s handling of the tragic murder of Mayang Prasetyo offensive you can add your name to the petition on this link: CLICK HERE

The sensational reporting of the gruesome murder of transgender woman Mayang Prasetyo has caused outrage throughout the nation.

The Courier-Mail’s front page headline on Tuesday read “Monster Chef and the She Male”, featuring a picture of Ms Prasetyo, 27, in a bikini and an inside story was headlined “Ladyboy and the Butcher”.

Melody Moore, co-ordinator of Trans Health Australia, described the splash as “soul-destroying”.

She told the Brisbane Times: “It’s disgusting, it’s just sensationalism, it’s dehumanising a trans woman.

“She is the victim here and they are vilifying, stigmatising and dehumanising the victim, making her to look like she’s just as bad as her sick boyfriend.

“Trans women struggle to be accepted as women and the term she-male is very derogatory.”

MURDER COURIER MAILMs Prasetyo, who was murdered and then reportedly dismembered by her partner Marcus Volke in their Teneriffe apartment, described herself as a “sexy she-male in Bali” on the online dating-focused social media site Badoo three years ago.


But Ms Moore said many transgender women objected to the terms “she-male” and “ladyboy” because they identified as women, not as men dressing as women.

“The term she-male is offensive to trans women because the male part of our identities is something we want to leave behind,” she said.

“It’s not really who we are. It’s very heavily sexualised terminology for a start, invented by the porn industry.

“It’s the same with ladyboy. It’s a Western term adopted by some Asian transgender sex workers, but that’s not how they identify.”

Ms Moore said News Corp’s coverage was a major setback in the transgender community’s battle for social acceptance.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. I never thought a newspaper would stoop to such a low,” she said.

“I hope out of this tragedy there can some be some good come out of it and the media learns a lesson. This is just wrong.”

Transgender support and awareness group Trans Health Australia has demanded an apology from News Corp.

An online petition on behalf of the Brisbane Trans Community calling for an apology on had gathered 20,300 signatures as of 7.30am today. CLICK HERE

WHY IS THIS HURTFUL?  For people to understand why this offends so many transgendered people, their friends and family, it is because this is outdated terminology that is disgusting, offensive and hurtful. If you apply the same principle to either racial or religous groups and use some of the hurtful names that Aboriginal, Jewish and Chinese people were called back in the 1960’s, then you may understand why terms such as she-male and ladyboy are so hurtful, along with some of the other totally innappropriate slang names that are no longer acceptable for other minorities.

YOU CAN MAKE A COMPLAINT! Neither The Courier-Mail nor News Corp has responded to date but Australia’s Press Council has confirmed it is investigating the Queensland tabloid. The more genuine complaints they receive from the public who are upset by the article, then the more weight the Press Council will give to the matter.  CLICK HERE to read about making a complaint to the Press Council.

Other media such as Brisbane radio station B105 also repeated the words at about 4pm 7/10/14.  If people have heard this term used on any radio or TV medium and they feel offended they can make a complaint to both the Station Manager by phoning them or in writing/email, plus they can complain to the ACMA CLICK HERE for details.

All Queenslanders also can make a complaint if they feel vilified by this article to the Anti Discrimination Commission of Queensland.  CLICK HERE for their details.