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Rainbow Baby

If you’re a gay couple and have made the decision to start a family but aren’t sure where to begin, Brisbane fertility speciality Dr Andy Stamatiou has the answers. Dr Stamatiou, from LGBTIQ-friendly fertility practice Genesis Women’s Health, shares the important steps you require to start your family-building journey. There are three key elements you …


Amidst all the press releases and updates on PrEP and HIV, there’s one group that may sometimes miss out, or may think the message is not for them, and that’s transgender folk. Often it can seem like all the talk around HIV prevention is aimed squarely at cis guys who have sex with guys, but …


The stage show Stomp is returning to Australia for the first time in five years. Australian audiences will be able to see Stomp’s signature high-octane mix of ensemble choreography, industrial percussion, and continuous comedy. But the show contains no lyrics, with eight performers using nothing but a range of ordinary objects to create music. Everything …

Pam Ann

She’s the crass talking, take-no-prisoners air hostess, who has fought and air-f#$ked her way to the top of the comedy circuit. For over 20 years, air hosties have loved her and the gays have wanted to be her. She’s worked and recorded material for British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Jet Blue and American Airlines. …


Did you know that the influenza world pandemic of 1918 killed more people than the entire First World War? Nearly 40 million people died from the flu virus and its complications, and most of the victims were young people, because they were the people most likely to catch it, being out and about. You see, …

Tropical Fruits

Lismore-based LGBTIQ group Tropical Fruits has come a long way in 30 years. The group are a community not-for-profit organisation delivering inclusive events and social activities to ensure the Northern Rivers’ LGBTIQ community have a “safe, fun and inclusive” place to call home. The Tropical Fruits flagship New Year’s Eve Festival began 30 years ago, …

Gluten Free expo

The mouth-watering tastes of the Gluten Free Expo are returning to Brisbane this year, bigger and better than ever. The 12th annual Gluten Free Expo offers visitors a great opportunity to discover, taste and buy everything new in gluten-free foods, including dozens of the country’s favourite gluten-free producers, cooking demonstrations, children’s entertainment, as well as …

100 % kylie

As Kylie Minogue’s Australian fans eagerly await the announcement of a local tour, the next best thing is coming to Queensland. For 15 years, Australian entertainer Lucy Holmes (pictured) has toured the world impersonating the iconic singer in her tribute show 100% Kylie, a faithful recreation of an authentic Kylie concert. The 100% Kylie Greatest …