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Brazilian Beauty

Finding the perfect thing to get Mum for Mother’s Day can be exhausting. There’s only so many gift vouchers, candles and flowers you can get her before it starts to feel a little overdone. Sometimes it’s more interesting to find a different experience, something that will make her feel just a bit more special and …

Sunshine Coast Pride

Sunshine Coast Pride Festival hostess Melony Brests has declared this year’s Fair Day a huge success. A large crowd of locals and visitors gathered at the events’s new home at Quota Park at Nambour on Saturday for a day of entertainment and celebration of the region’s LGBTIQ community. “Personally, I think it was our best …

Avengers infinity war

4.5 stars In some ways writing a review on Avengers: Infinity War seems almost redundant as it’s the type of film that has a devoted audience so built-in that there’s no need to read someone’s thoughts to convince you otherwise on its worth. That being said, my line of work means I am fortunate (privileged …

Nash Theatre

New Farm community theatre group Nash Theatre has given their production of Shakespeare’s classic As You Like It a distinctly Australian flavour. Director Jason Nash says that the play features all of the hallmarks of classic Shakespeare: comedy, romance, crossdressing, and lots of mistaken identities. “As You Like It deals with a court that’s in …


The other day, one of my friends in the Singaporean LGBTIQ community lamented that he could not get to really know people. Paraphrasing him, he said that all people wanted to do was to get into “each others’ pants”. While this might be an exaggeration, it is not that far from the truth in Singapore …


Following the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir on a tour through Germany, performing a repertoire of Lutheran hymns brought to Australia more than a century ago and translated into their own langue, The Song Keepers is a simple, lovingly-intended documentary that never quite reaches the depths its subject matter deserves. There is noteworthy content peppered …


Last time, the Doc reported some major research findings presented at the recent HIV conference she attended in Boston.  This time, Brisbane LGBTIQ health specialist Dr Fiona Bisshop concludes her round up of some of the key topics. Vaccine Progress There is no doubt that a vaccine is essential if we are ever going to …

Bare The Musical

The contemporary pop-rock musical Bare is set to make its Brisbane debut at the upcoming queer arts festival MELT. The production tells the story of a group of high school students grappling with their sexuality at a Catholic boarding school in the early 2000s. While they’re being taught to repress their feelings, Peter and Jason …