Certain things are not worth the paper they’re written on – like homophobic literature opposing same-sex marriage.

But a paper company in Ireland has come up with an ingenious idea, shredding the anti-gay leaflets and turning them into heart-shaped wedding confetti for same-sex couples.

Daintree Paper, in Dublin, has launched the campaign ahead of the country’s referendum on same-sex marriage on May 22.

The company has appealed to members of the public to forward them any homophobic literature they receive.

Their ad states: “We believe in making beautiful things out of paper. So when paper was used to print some ugly lies in the run-up to the marriage equality referendum, we wanted to do something about it.

We want to collect any negative and dishonest fliers, leaflets and online literature – and recycle them into something positive.

Whenever ugly lies are printed … we’ll make beautiful confetti.”

All proceeds of the sales from the confetti, which costs €5 ($A7), will be donated to the Yes Equality campaign.

CLICK HERE to see their inspirational ad or watch the video below.