QNews 400 Issues

QNews was born in December 2000 as a celebration of queer culture, taking over from the defunct Brother Sister Magazine to keep the queer community connected, informed and entertained.

Now, 400 issues later, the number of channels we use to reach our community is greater than ever before: print, online, mobile, social media and more. But one thing will never change: our ceaseless commitment to keeping you, the readers, up to date on the latest news and issues that matter most to our community.

We love working with over 120 different groups in the LGBTI community and supporting the great work they do. The entire QNews team would like to thank all of our readers, supporters, advertisers, community organisations and the countless number of QNews contributors, past and present.

Thank for you for your support over the last 16 years. Without you, QNews would not exist. 400 issues is a Queensland LGBTI community record!

Jordan Hirst, Editor