Chicago, 1924. Nathan Leopold Jr., age 18, and Robert Loeb, age 19 are young, handsome, wealthy and extremely intelligent – so intelligent that they believe that famed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s theory of supermen whose superior intellects allowed them to rise above the laws and rules that bound the rest of the population applies to them. To prove this theory, the pair meticulously plot the cold blooded murder of a 14 year old boy. One small slip up, however, leaves them in court fighting for their own lives as the death penalty hangs over them.

Making it’s Australian premiere, ‘Never The Sinner’ is the latest offering from New Farm’s Nash Theatre and will run 9-30 May.

Based on real events, the Leopold and Loeb trial was billed as the “crime of the century” by the US press which covered every salacious detail of the events and court proceedings throughout the 1920s. Now 90 years later, the themes of Never The Sinner, are just as relevant today as the United States still grapples with the powerful arguments for and against the death penalty.

Directed by Dan Lane who was responsible for Nash Theatre’s award winning production of The Laramie Project which told the story of Matthew Shepard’s final days.

Nash Theatre’s Never The Sinner will play 9-30 May at The Brunswick Room (Merthyr Rd Uniting Church), 53 Merthy Rd, New Farm. Tickets are available now via or call 3379 4775.