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Patti LuPone

By Paul Dellit Since the Golden Age of Broadway there have been many leading ladies that have fallen into the category of diva, particularly in the field of musical theatre. Whether she likes it or not Patti LuPone has unofficially been crowned the reigning Broadway diva of her generation. The word ‘diva’ is of Latin/Italian …


The stage show Stomp is returning to Australia for the first time in five years. Australian audiences will be able to see Stomp’s signature high-octane mix of ensemble choreography, industrial percussion, and continuous comedy. But the show contains no lyrics, with eight performers using nothing but a range of ordinary objects to create music. Everything …


A mum has written a beautiful letter to the Broadway cast of musical Kinky Boots to thank them for inspiring her young daughter. Kinky Boots is based on a real story — as told in the 2005 movie of the same name — about a young man named Charlie who is struggling to save the …