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I’ve heard there’s a free Hep A vaccine at the moment, do I need it? Queensland Health has made the Hepatitis A vaccine available free for men who have sex with men. This is because there is currently an outbreak of this infection in the southern states of Australia, and there have now been a …


The federal Department of Health has said that it is up to pharmaceutical companies to put forward a replacement drug after popular drug Primoteston was removed from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) this month. Primoteston is an injectable form of male sex hormone, popular among transgender men, which produces male levels of testosterone in the …


If you are someone who takes regular testosterone then you may be aware of some recent changes to the availability of Primoteston, the short-acting injectable form of testosterone, which has been removed from the PBS. It will still be available on a private script, and the cost is about the same. The big hit will …


It seems another year has bitten the dust, and what a year it was!