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Sydney Gay Penguin sphen and magic

Sydney’s gay penguin couple Sphen and Magic have welcomed their first foster baby, their aquarium has announced. Two weeks ago, gentoo penguin duo Sphen and Magic went viral when staff at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium announced they were an item and had become inseparable ahead of breeding season. After the couple practiced incubating with a …

Australia Sydney aquarium gay penguin couple

Staff at a Sydney aquarium have said their first same-sex penguin couple are “absolute naturals” at parenting as they raise a foster egg. Sphen and Magic — known as Sphengic — are two gentoo penguins at the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney According to staff, the pair developed a strong bond and became inseparable ahead …


Photographs of two male lions mounting each other on a Kenyan reserve recently went viral online, but not everyone is feeling the love for the couple. The Kenya Film Classification Board’s chief executive Dr Ezekial Mutua responded to the photos by telling the Nairobi News that the lions were “demonically possessed” and the “crazy gay …