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Welcome to Ask DocQ. The Doc has returned for 2018. However, in addition to her regular health updates, Dr Fiona Bisshop is just as interested to find out what’s on your mind. Have you made a health resolution that you’re struggling to keep? Or maybe it’s time to ask about that burning sensation you’ve had …


US scientists say they’re making progress on a single pill that could be taken just once a week to treat HIV. The slow-release capsule could replace the daily medication currently needed by HIV-positive people to manage the virus, the researchers told the BBC. The pill resembles a normal capsule but contains a special star-shaped structure …


It seems another year has bitten the dust, and what a year it was!


HIV prevention advocates have welcomed a $53 million commitment from federal Labor in a bid to end HIV transmission in Australia. The plan draws from a blueprint released by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations in August, which said an extra investment of $32.5 million a year would deliver $82 million worth of savings to …