This Man Is Turning Graffiti Penises Into Great Safe Sex Messages

An anonymous London art director is spray painting condoms on graffiti penises he sees around his city in a bid to promote safe sex.

The man accompanies each spray-painted condom with text directing people to a National Health Service website where young locals can access free condoms and sexual health information.

“I walk around the city a lot and catch the tube every morning, and I started to notice a lot of vandalism with penises,” the anonymous man told BuzzFeed.

“It infuriated me because a lot of them were at school bus stops where kids gather, and it just shouldn’t be the norm to just have your wang out, especially unprotected — I just thought it sent the wrong message.

“One night I did some research on STI rates and then the idea just came to me to make stencils of a condom and a link where people can get free condoms — then I just went out and did it.”

It may be vandalism – and technically illegal – but the man said he’s gotten so much support he decided to start an Instagram account to post photos of his handiwork. See some of the photos below:

City Cock 4 #protectcitycocks

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