When Boy George Met “Amazing, Cosmic, Gorgeous” Caitlyn Jenner

By Jordan Hirst

Boy George surprised fans at a recent Culture Club concert in Los Angeles by inviting Caitlyn Jenner on stage before the gig.

“Caitlyn Jenner in the house for her first Boy George concert! This is going to be a good group. Thank you so much,” the transgender star said to a standing ovation.

“Enough about me. Thank you for being here tonight. This is so much fun for me. Let’s hear it here at the Greek Theater for Boy George! Let’s get it going!”

Boy George later thanked the audience for giving the transgender star such a warm reception, telling the crowd, “I expected a standing ovation for her and I wasn’t disappointed. We need to celebrate the kinds of changes that are happening.”

He also posted a video of Caitlyn to his Instagram and wrote, “Amazing, cosmic, gorgeous to have @Caitlynjenner open our show last night. Thank you for a super special moment!”

George also reportedly performed a short set for Caitlyn at a transgender naming ceremony she held in the presence of a minister and friends at her Californian home late last month.

“To be here in America so soon after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and at the birth of the Caitlyn phenomena feels so timely,” George enthused to Billboard.com after the Culture Club gig.

“It feels perfect for my universe to collide with Caitlyn’s but on a purely personal level I just think she is utterly fabulous and brave.”

Speaking separately to Yahoo, he elaborated: “It’s that world I was fighting for in 1984. That was what I wanted.

“I wanted people not to care about whether you were gay, straight, black, white, transgender, whatever it may be.”